Houston office condos are a great way to build wealth by taking advantage of significant tax benefits, equity participation and the potential for long-term appreciation.

More and more professionals and small business owners are turning to Houston office condos as an opportunity to buy property without the hassle of acquiring land and supervising the many different aspects of construction and subcontractors.

Understanding that you prefer to spend your time and energy on your primary business, our goal is to build office suites that can either be accepted with our high quality finishes or tailored to meet your personal preferences and professional needs. Units are delivered finished-out and ready for move-in!

We provide an opportunity for professionals and small business owners to own quality office space in a professional office park environment at an affordable price.

Benefits of Ownership Include

Tax Advantages

There are significant tax advantages in owning an office condo. Mortgage interest, real estate taxes, depreciation and property improvements can provide significant tax benefits for the business owner. We encourage you to speak with your accountant to determine how ownership may positively affect your finances.

Cost Segregation Pays Big Time!

Cost segregation converts income taxed at 35% (ordinary income) to income taxed at 15% (capital gains). Cost segregation also defers payment of income taxes. We encourage you to speak with a Property Tax Consultant / Tax Segregation specialist.

Potential for Long-Term Appreciation

Another benefit is the potential for long-term appreciation of real property.

Equity Participation / Hedge Against Inflation Risk

Every dollar your property appreciates and every dollar applied toward the mortgage principal translates into a dollar of equity. By owning rather than leasing, you create a hedge against inflation while contributing towards the equity in your property.


A Houston office condo can serve as collateral for business loans or lines of credit, possibly avoiding the need to pledge your home or personal assets for business financing.

Owners’ Association

By owning an office within a professionally planned office park, you have the advantages of sharing the cost of the maintenance and repair of everything outside of the office itself. While each individual owner is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance within their own office, an Owner’s Association maintains the exterior of all the buildings and the common grounds.

Retirement Planning

Many small business owners find it difficult to make regular contributions to their retirement. As an office condo owner, each payment you make goes towards your equity in the property instead of your landlord’s bank account as rent. Upon retirement, you’ll have a valuable asset to sell or lease.

Asset Accumulation

When it comes time to sell a small business, many professionals find it is difficult to sell their business for a healthy profit. However, selling a business with real estate included provides an added benefit to prospective buyers.

* The above discussion does not take into account every individual’s or business’s situation. Business owners should contact a tax and/or financial advisor before making buying decisions.