Houston Office Condos are built and offered by an experienced development team that has built similar properties throughout Texas, Florida, and Louisiana. To date, we have completed 20 projects comprised of over 1,000 units.

As a busy professional, we know you don’t have a lot of time to spend building your own office. Houston Office Condos offers small business owners and busy professionals the opportunity to buy property without the hassle of finding land and the aggravation of supervising the many different aspects of construction.

Understanding that you prefer to spend your time and energy on your primary business, our goal is to build office suites that can either be accepted with our high quality finishes or tailored to meet your personal preferences and professional needs.

Units are delivered finished-out and ready for move-in!

Our purpose is simple: We provide an opportunity for professionals and small business owners to own quality office space in a professional office park environment at an affordable price. Rather than continuing to pay office rent year after year, small business owners can now invest that money and build equity in their own office building!